Residual Income Builders

By Ariston P Awitan, M.D.

These are companies or programs that I am promoting to build a pipeline of residual income generators.
They are chosen by me for the purpose of building financial freedom, People with like-minded attitude as mine,
meaning that they are goal-oriented, enthusiastic, action-oriented, coachable, with positive, “never-give-up” mental attitude and with a mission to help people in need, are welcome to join my businesses. I do not guarantee any income. Anyone’s income depends upon the individual himself on how he promotes and mange his own business. I can show him the way to do it with the business tools that each company provides and give him the support that he needs and asks from me.


Vizionary is a platform that promotes Capricoin exclusively . Its product is mining time.  You can build a binary business by sponsoring people. But if you cannot sponsor people there are  5 ways that you can earn an income without sponsoring.. It has also Capripay, a digital payment solution that uses Capricoin which customers  and merchants can download in their smart phones or computers for free  and when customers use it, they get cashbacks and affikiates get commissions.

2,. With the largest shopping online portal in the world. My website:

3. DubliNetwork is the business model where affiliates can generate commissions and it has also the Partner’s Program that  allows non-profit organizations and businesses to participate.

4..  a Unique community of exceptional individuals coming together to help others. It has a simple system that will generate a huge income for anybody working very part time. My website:

5.. Your Key To Wealth A private membership company with an extremely powerful Private Wealth education and Wealth Creation Program. My website:

6. BITCOIN FUNDING TEAM is crowdfunding where you can leverage 0.10 Bitcoin to 84 Bitcoins every month. It is people helping people.

7. Cash Downline Builder is a platform where you only promote 1 link and you can generate 30 streams of income.

Call me if you need help,
Ariston P Awitan,M.D.
Skype: doctony1932



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