The Golden Years of Life


By Ariston P Awitan, M.D.

The retirement years, the golden years of our lives comprise the period when we one can do the things we could not do while still working at our jobs or attending to our professions. If we were disciplined to save or invest some of our money through the years or if we were smart enough to have built a pipeline that generated a residual income, we could be enjoying the fruits of our labor at retirement time. However, if we lived our lives carelessly without discipline to save and invest for our future or if we neglected to build a residual income for financial security and at retirement years depend only on social security benefits, it is obvious that we could not maintain the standard of living we were used to before retirement.

I remembered my late mentor and Business Philosopher, Jim Rohn when he said,”profits are better than wages.Wages make you a living, but profits make you a fortune”. Of course, wages represent our linear incomes derived from our jobs or professions,
while profits or residual incomes come from our businesses. Linear income stops if we do not go to work. Residual income keeps coming over and over again even if we are not working anymore. Good example of residual incomes are royalties of authors of books or royalties from sales of records or cd’s of Rock Stars or commissions received from companies by network marketers.

I did not have a chance to develop the talent of a famous author or a Rock Star, so I chose network marketing to build a residual income. I learned it the hard way that the best time to start building a residual income through network marketing is when you still have a job or still working as a professional. You can do it slowly preferably 5 or ten years before retirement so that at retirement, you can have a lot of money to spend or fund your charities. What we need are: strong desire to succeed, positive and “never quit attitude”, selection of a good and stable company, with good products, good compensation plan, good tools and up-line support and mentors to help us promote the business.

I have been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years. I have enrolled in many companies, I cannot even count them now. Failed in many. Won in some. But the most important I got from this experience is the wisdom I developed from both my mistakes and successes. Most successful network marketers have gone through similar experiences.

I believe that our number one priority is our health. Before we strive to accomplish a lot of things, we must first take care of our health, because wealth and fame are useless to us if we lose our physical health. Also, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health are just as important as financial health. Space and time are limited to discuss all the health facets above, but if you are interested and have the time, call me and I will be willing to talk to you. Maybe we can learn from each other or you may learn something from my 80 years of life’s journey.

About the Author:
Dr. Ariston P Awitan is a physician by profession, he retired his orthopedic surgery practice of 33 years, now a full-time professional network marketer. He promotes JoyToLive high quality nutritional products at discounted prices; Preservation of Wealth that sells memberships and Gold/Silver bullion/coins at cost pricing; and Solavei, a cell phone company with unlimited voice, text and data at $49 per month.

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