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By Ariston P Awitan, M.D.

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the partnersinwealth crowdfunding RADIO SHOW. My name is Dr. Ariston P Awitan and I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to this information that will not only improve the quality of your life, but also the lives of your family, friends, and potentially the lives of millions of people around the world physically, financially, and spiritually.

It is a way to Raise Funds for any Cause Legally, Ethically and Honestly. Our former President Obama signed The Senate crowdfunding bill (S. 2190 or CROWDFUND Act) , the bill about crowdfunding in 2012. But before I begin, I want to ask all of you an important question.
If I could show you a way, to get your hands on an extra thousand, 20,000, 100,000, $1 million or more within the next few hours, weeks, or months to pay for your bills, things you need for your home, vacation, new business, or for your favorite charity, would that be of interest to you? If your answer is yes, you’re at the right place at the right time.

What I’m about to tell is not a business opportunity, nor an illegal activity, nor a network marketing program, Or a get rich quick Pyramid scheme. But it’s an information that many millionaires, big corporations, and huge nonprofit organizations use to get their hands on free money. In I found my passion in my R.A.P Mission—Retirement Assistance Program. The mission of RAP (Retirement Assistance Program) is
to raise funds for retired individuals who lack the necessary funds to survive and enjoy their retirements years.

Let me tell you, Who am I why should you listen to me? And why am I passionate about this activity ? I am Dr. Ariston P Awitan,Jr., a retired orthopedic surgeon, , who during my productive years as a physician, I achieved financial success. But due to lack of financial planning and education concerning investments and future retirement living, I failed, like many people , to prepare for the inevitable retirement years.

My expensive taste and high living did not go up as fast as the rate of inflation and the difficulty in the economy. Added to this was an enormous expenses on the medical care and demise of my late wife who was stricken with Stage 4 Cancer. As a result, I found myself in a difficult financial situation; the money just ran out…..

Luckily, I found that helped me
design a platform to promote my passion, and that is : to educate young professionals who have little or no time to prepare for their retirement years, and hopefully they can avoid the same mistakes that we have, not having saved enough for abundant retirement.

I learned shocking statistics that showed that 1 in 3 Americans has saved $0 for retirement. 56% of Americans have less than $10,000.00 saved for retirement. In the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you how your participation in the partners in wealth activity can help you get your hands on money you need. Whether it’s just a few thousand dollars or millions of dollars, it’s all up to you, how much you want. If you’re skeptical, I understand. So what I’m going to do is give a few real examples of people who received outrageous money and you can look it up to verify if you want to.
Now, there are no fees to get this money, it’s not a loan, it’s not a grant, there is no interest payments involved, there’s no need to pay back this money and there are no qualification requirements. There was a man by the name of James Robertson, whose car broke down and had to walk 12 miles every day to work for years. With crowdfunding he was able to put in his pocket over $300,000 in cash in just a few short weeks and got his car. It’s amazing. And here’s another story, a lady received over $500,000 within two months, to restore her business after the rioters, ruined her store. Now with Partners in Wealth you have the power to achieve similar results. Let me explain.

PartnerInWealth.Org is the crowdfunding platform designed to help people receive small monetary funds from a large number of people for their needs, projects, and true purpose in life.

The first known of this type of project is when the United States received the statue of liberty from France which did not have a pedestal to stand on. Pulitzer put an ad in the newspaper asking, the crowd to donate funds for the pedestal. He was able to raise over $120,000 then, which is equivalent to $2.5 million today.

Crowdfunding is also being used for natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes to help families. It’s also used to help military families whose loved one died in protecting our country. People also use crowdfunding for police officer’s families, whose loved one died protecting the community. There are quite a few crowdfunding activities on the Internet today, but what separates PartnerInWealth.Org from all of them are many to mention. Here are just a few:

1. no start up fees 2. No monthly purchase requirements or fees 3. Funds go directly to the campaign promoter 4. Education, training, and support 5. Receive professional assistance from the PartnerInWealth.Org global network 6. Receive monetary funding from the global network 7. Simple, easy, and fun 8. No selling involved 9. Second to none, promotional tools for social media marketing 10. There is much more

I’m sure by now many of you are excited to find out how this activity works and how you can get your hands on the money I’m talking about. So here we go. First get back to the person who introduced you to PartnersInWealth.Org. The campaign promoter will give you the referral page where you can register to participate for free. You will receive two emails which will allow you to receive your own PartnersInWealth.Org back office.
Let’s say you started with the bronze package and donated at the $25 level. Simply log in to your referral page, go to your back office, and simply click the ‘donate now’, or ‘give now’ button. You will be directed to the proper campaign promoter to donate your $25. After receiving your donation or cash gift, the campaign promoter (The person who you gave the unconditional gift to) will activate your status. Once you are activated, you’ll be qualified to receive $25 donations from your personal donors.

The first donation, however, you are to receive will be donated forward to another campaign promoter. (This allows funding for nonprofit organizations, global campaign promoters to receive funding outside their funding organization and more). At any time you wish to receive more than $25 in gifts or donations, simply make a $50 donation to a PartnersInWealth.Org campaign promoter by pushing the
$50 ‘donate now’ button.

Once you receive enough money to move up the next funding level, you can do so at any time by simply donating $100. Once approved by the campaign promoter, you’ll be qualified to begin receiving $100 in donations. Once you have the chance to move up to the next level of donations, donate $200 to a campaign promoter. Keep in mind the law of reciprocity, what you give out in life comes back multiplied.

There is a reentry donation that you can participate in, or you can also decide to go to the higher donation packages. There is the $250, $500, and the $1000 donation package. It’s very important to understand that you don’t have to increase your donation. If you’re happy with receiving $25 from your donors, that’s wonderful.

Understand howev er, that those who want to give you $50, $100, or more, you will forfeit their donation to another PartnersInWealth.Org campaign promoter. Understand that the law of reciprocity is at work in the PartnersInWealth.Org activity.

Here’s an example of what I just shared with you. You can see that this table is only having 10 donors to 1,000 donors each for every campaign. This is unlikely to happen because many will have more donors, which can be mind-boggling. Note the Funding Amount and the number of donors.

Just an example: If you have 10 donors donating $25 each you will have $250. 1000 donors donating $25 each you will have $25,000 1000 donors donating $50 each, you will have $50,000 1000 donors donating $100 each you will have $100,000 1000 donors donating $200 each you will have $200,000
1Million donors just donating $25 each you will have $25Million And so on

Once again I want to thank everyone for being on this Radio Show today. Get back to the person who introduced you to Partners InWealth.Org. We will be having this Radio Show every Saturday 2pm EST Tel. 1-347-237-4097

With this Activity You will have a chance to network first with your warm market, people you know. And with our modern age, you will be able to network with people around the world with the use of the internet, computers, smartphones, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn. Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram , etc. to promote your campaign. Just donate the amount of money you want to donate as I have mentioned above, for example $25, $50, $200 or more, to the designated crowdfunding promoter in your back office,
Then this will qualify you to receive the same amount you have donated from so many donors worldwide that will potentially donate money to you.

To understand more about this activity listen to the many videos we have about partners in wealth at like this one:

Then get back with the person that gave you the information of this Radio Show to answer any questions you have and get his website link where you can join this activity,

Or go to my Referral link at:


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This is Dr. Awitan with my friend Peter Mingils reminding you To be Healthy Engaged with people And Impact peoples’ lives

Have a Wonderful Day, See you next week and bring a friend with you! Goodbye now !

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